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* is the email address for "The Wollongong Model Yacht Club, Wollongong NSW 2500 Australia". This email system is intended to facilitate written and visual communications between Members of the* Wollongong Model Yacht Club *and other approved members of this Group. For example, this group email communications system provides a convenient method for distributing Newsletters, Sailing Instructions and other common interest communications to all Members, or email transmission of documents of specific interest to sub-groups (such as the Management Committee). Documents such as Newsletters, Minutes of Meetings etc. will be archived and made accessible to all Members on request (e.g. by log-in to* *). Sub-groups such as "Management Committee" can also be added to the Group.*
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  • WMYC | Secretary / Secretary Wollongong Model Yacht Club
    The *Secretary Subgroup* has been created to enable email address ** to be published as the Contact Address for external enquiries in WMYC's Website
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  • WMYC | managementcommitee / Wollongong Model Yacht Club Committee
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  • WMYC | websitecommittee
    Website Subcommittee
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